Amazing Features
Central Artwork & Brand Assets Library

One click to access all Packaging Artworks, Source Files, Vendor Proofs,
Brand Assets, Video Files. And with Automatic Version Management.

Central Library

A Central library of all Packaging Artworks, Source Files, Vendor Proofs, Brand Assets, Video Files. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Group by Brand / SKU / Manufacturer, etc.

Thumbnails for visual recognition of files.

Manage the files by Document Types (like Artworks, Source files, Brief, Key Line Diagrams, Vendor Proofs, Brand Assets, Specifications, etc. )

Approval Workflow

A robust workflow that ensures all relevant stakeholders are connected and
their approvals are obtained before a file is released.

Standard and Customized Workflows

Standard Workflows and Customized Workflows – ManageArtworks comes pre-loaded with a combination of over 24 workflows. However, ManageArtworks can be customized to handle your organisation’s approval processes.

Even in an organisation, a New Artwork request and a Revision request would go through a different approval process and different set of stakeholders. ManageArtworks will be configured to handle the different approval processes.

Automated Proofing

Sophisticated online tools that help you proof identify colours, measure
dimensions, check barcodes etc. Allows you to compare two versions of
artworks to identify the differences in colour, text and image.

Version Comparison

ManageArtworks provides option to compare not just two versions of an Artwork, but also an Artwork against the Key Line Diagram, an Artwork against an Artwork of a different SKU.

There are various modes of compare: Side-By-Side, Flicker, Differences.


ManageArtworks recognises the Barcodes used in the file and provides the details, that include Barcode Number, Barcode Magnification, etc.

ManageArtworks recognises all major barcodes including 1-D, 2-D, EAN, Pharma Code, etc.


Measure dimensions- Accurate onscreen measurement of dimensions for Artworks, Vendor Proofs, Key Line Diagrams, etc.

Measure in Inches / Millimetres.

Colour & Layer Recognition

Proof read colours- Online colour separation (CMYK, Pantones) and layer separation tools are available.

ManageArtworks recognises the Colours (both CMYK, Pantones) and Layers used in the File.


Provides a smooth collaboration platform where stakeholders can review,
share comments and provide specific inputs.


Mark specific areas and provide comments (through arrows, sticky notes, etc.)

Review and Comment on specific areas in the artwork/ graphic using annotation.

Share Feedback

Reply to other user’s comments / annotations / checklist feedback.

Refer comments for the previous versions.

File Sharing

  • Share files seamlessly across internal and external stakeholders.
  • Secure share files as links with printers and agencies.
  • Avoid sending space consuming huge attachments.

Reports & Metrics

Get insights into critical metrics with instant graphical reports. Lets you drill
down to find out specifics about pending action items.

SAP Integration

Integrate your SAP and packaging artwork management and save big on printing write-offs

  • Seamlessly use the Master Data(Item codes, SKU data) in both SAP
    Artwork Management Software
  • Help the Artwork Initiator to make informed decisions on inventory
    write-off based on currently available artwork stock information

  • Estimate the effect of an artwork change by finding ‘where-used’ in the
    SAP Product BOM
  • Improve Supply Chain, Procurement and Vendor coordination by
    linking SAP item code to approved artwork file

Project Management

  • Manage every artwork request like a project – Every brand/ product
    can have multiple SKU’s and every SKU can have multiple
    components. With ManageArtworks you can manage artworks and
    associated files related to every product/ SKU
  • Define upcoming milestones and prioritize activities
  • Optimal usage of time and resource
  • Never miss on deadlines
  • Check milestone status and initiate appropriate action

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About ManageArtworks Software Application

ManageArtworks is a SaaS Brand & Packaging Artwork Management Software that helps regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals and FMCG ensure regulatory compliance of their packaging. It connects all stakeholders into an automated workflow, empowers users with sophisticated proofing tools and gives complete transparency of the entire process with approval request tracking, audit trails and dashboards.

Email us: manageartworks@vanguardgroup.com.au
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