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ManageArtworks is the leading provider of Label and Artwork Management solutions for all consumer brands, retailers and pharmaceutical companies.

What is Label and Artwork Management Software?

A secured central web
based platform

Easy access to all packaging
artworks, source files,
specification die lines
and briefs

Better collaboration
with internal staff,
design teams
and printers

Innovative proof reading
tools and
project tracking
with reporting data

Approve, share
and store
the correct files

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What features does ManageArtworks offer?

Central Artwork




Project Team




Reports and





Why do you need ManageArtworks?

Get 100% Regulatory
& Brand Compliance


Get to market faster with a
60% reduction in approval time


Reduce Packaging
Write-offs to $0

Functional Benefits
  • Ensures that the MANDATORY text content is as per the current regulatory requirements
  • Validates the strength, dosage and other formulation related details
  • Ensures that the Font Sizes are as per the regulation
  • Ensures that the address is correct
  • Ensures that the correct version of the artwork is approved and all the necessary stakeholders have approved the artwork
  • Safeguards the previous version of the artwork is made obsolete
  • Validates the dimensions of the artwork
  • Ensure the Barcode is readable
  • Confirms that the Artwork is as per the key Line Drawing
Supply Chain
  • Ensures that the correct code is used in the Artwork
  • Ensure that ONLY the necessary colors are used
  • Ensures that branding guidelines are adhered to
  • Validates use of correct colours
  • Ensures that the positioning of the text is as per the requirement
  • Confirms that the MANDATORY text content is as per the current regulatory requirements
  • Ensures the strength, dosage and other formulation related details are correct
  • Ensures that font sizes are as per the regulation
Organisational Benefits
60% Reduction in Approval Time

Packaging Label approval is a collaboration of individuals representing as much as 9 internal functions and several external entities like artwork agencies, packaging agencies and printers.

Back & forth communication between the stakeholders in conveying views and suggestions and lack of clarity of one another’s expectations takes a huge toll on the time and the speed of a packaging label approval.

How can ManageArtworks help you?
  • Seamlessly connect all stakeholders into an automated workflow
  • Provides email alerts and reminders; eliminates the need for manual follow-ups
  • Complete transparency to the entire process- approval request tracking, audit trails and dashboards
  • Using annotation and comments,reviewers and approvers can pinpoint their suggestions which can be easily comprehended by the artwork creator
  • External entities like agencies and printers can also be added as part of the system
  • With a watertight process and timely alerts, your approval times are sure to come down to the order of 60% (actual results may vary depending on existing approval structure, system architecture & network connectivity)
100% Brand & Regulatory Compliance

The most important aspect of every packaging is its compliance to the guidelines given by governing bodies like the FDA. Compliance to these guidelines needs to be reviewed and approved by the respective stakeholders before the packaging label can be printed. Any slippage in compliance will result in product recalls.

Every packaging artwork is a brand communication. Be it the usage of colors, designs, graphics, fonts and styles, every aspect of the layout speaks about the brand and its attributes. Many a times due to race against time and due to multiple iterations, important brand elements may be missed.

How can ManageArtworks help you?
  • Sophisticated proofing tools that help you review brand compliance elements like colors, fonts and dimensions
  • Equipped with custom checklists and tools to proof read barcode which are mandatory for regulatory compliance
$0 Packaging Write-off

There are limitations in manual proofing packaging label viz. barcode, colors and dimensions. This limitation may allow non-accurate artworks to be approved which may result in rejections post printing.

Due to the complications in obtaining approval of all stakeholders, several packaging labels could be released without the approval of all stakeholders or bypassing some of them.

How can ManageArtworks help you?
  • Pick and choose from a comprehensive set of 24 custom made workflows. Ensures all relevant stakeholders review and approve artworks
  • Sophisticated proofing tools that help you review colors, dimensions, barcode and content
  • Compare artwork versions and check if corrections have been carried out and ensure that no error prone artworks are printed
  • Save a lot of money which otherwise would have been written-off
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About ManageArtworks Software Application

ManageArtworks is a SaaS Brand & Packaging Artwork Management Software that helps regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals and FMCG ensure regulatory compliance of their packaging. It connects all stakeholders into an automated workflow, empowers users with sophisticated proofing tools and gives complete transparency of the entire process with approval request tracking, audit trails and dashboards.

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