We understand that a great website can be the central part of your online presence and any digital marketing strategies. Our design and implementation strategies are all geared towards excellent online presence that will deliver measurable SEO results. Our On-Page Optimisation approach will generate brand awareness and increase conversation rates that will grow your business.


SEO is more than just achieving good ranking than your competitors, it’s about getting quality leads and conversions that will help grow your business. Our flexible and Smart SEO Packages are all designed to get incredible results that will boost your revenue. We know every industry is different and so is every website and its associated Keywords. This is precisely why we offer customised SEO packages that will help you outrank the competition.


Search engine marketing is one of the most efficient way to spend marketing dollars targeting Google AdWords and the Bing Ads. Our capabilities ensures the promotion of your website by increasing the visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising or pay per click (PPC).


Our targeted email marketing capabilities will build brand loyalty and convert sales with minimal costs. The best thing about email campaigns is that the analytics we gather afterwards can assist with future planning. We can view how many people opened the email, how many took action as a result, what device they viewed it on, what time they viewed it, where in the world they viewed it, and almost anything you could think of, helping us calculate an exact return on investment (ROI).


With Vanguard Group, you will be fully informed on all your digital marketing plans from the most comprehensive transparent reporting system we have developed for our clients.

We provide a simple to access and understand web portal dashboard to view reports data on how your digital marketing activity is tracking. Our unique reporting system contains real-time data and history that’s always available on demand.

Our reporting data system has helped many companies achieve great SEO results and most importantly increased business growth with effective SEO by accessing real-time data analysis, that makes sure we deliver the right strategies for high conversion rates and a ROI for your business.