Give us your big idea and our end-to-end design and 3D CAD services will create inspiring design solutions that are actionable and affordable.

Our offering

Concept design & development

We use methodology to understand, research, visualise and model, pushing for improvements at every opportunity and enabling the best ideas to be transformed into tangible outcomes. Our flexible methods include visualisation through various mediums including sketching, 2D and 3D generated computer models and photorealistic renderings. These options will provide you with a tailored service to meet your output expectations within a set time frame for the right price.

Detailed design & engineering

Our team create full manufacturing production packages that include comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD files, reference drawings, critical dimensions, tolerances, fits, finishes, materials and colours. We also include product specifications defined throughout production, assembly work instructions and procedures with a concise Bill of Materials.

The effective communication of production requirements with our established network of manufacturers ensures optimal time, cost. quality and materials efficiencies.

Rapid prototyping & samples

We are experts in the creation of cost effective models and prototypes tailored to suit your needs. We offer a complete prototyping service including proof-of-concept models and full working prototypes to enable easy collaboration, rapid and continual problem resolution and accelerating the flow and accuracy of information towards the desired outcome.

3D CAD Visualisation

Your concepts and designs can now be shown to your colleagues and customers alike, using photo realistic 3D computer graphics. A 3D visualisation presentation helps to communicate your ideas to anyone, in a form that can be easily understood and appreciated. Whether you’re an architect, agency or a designer, we can bring your ideas and designs to life.