More than ever, we understand that customers want more added value services that will create efficiencies and drive down costs.

Achieve marketing activation efficiency

We help you achieve marketing activation efficiency throughout your project cycles.

We’ll work with you and your strategic partners to see where we can add value and streamline the way you manage your projects.


Making complex route-to-market activation simple

We focus on making your project cycles simpler, smoother and more efficient.We do this by connecting stakeholders like you, your agencies and your suppliers. It’s about looking at your processes, supply chain, and organising it so that it meets your needs and helps everyone to work together better; so that key strategic outcomes can be achieved.

Our activation services model includes tailored solutions that streamline your processes with continuous improvement practices, excellent quality controls and standards, that ensure less time and money are spent managing your projects.

We make continuous improvements to workflows, deliver excellent quality controls and standards, so that you can spend less time and less money managing your projects.

Smart centralisation is key to creating efficiency

As projects increase, so too your staff are engaged with numerous agencies, partners and specialists.You might have a strategic creative agency focusing on the core idea of your brand.Other agencies handling certain tough-to-reach channels,and any number of niche agencies each focusing on packaging, point of sale, print, direct mail,web production or merchandise.

This complex network of stakeholders can become very inefficient, duplicating tasks, risk brand quality consistency and perhaps even stressful and unmanageable.


One marketing production service

Centralise your activation and strategic sourcing into a dedicated Vanguard team,and you’ll enjoy an unparalleled seamless service.

When we work onsite you will even get closer control over your projects. Imagine having the support and focus of a team that can provide all our services–and feel more like an internal resource.

As well as having some of the best production professionals on site, you can enjoy access to technology and workflows that support your projects.