Retail Presence


Our deep knowledge, passion and years of experience in design, development and production of point of sale material will ensure that your instore presence will turn shoppers into buyers.

We will leverage your insights in order to design and develop relevant and actionable point of sale solutions so that your campaign success is assured.

From large promotional displays to tactical permanent displays, even smaller components like posters, shelf talkers and case cards, we will also streamline the process from creative adaptation to production and delivery.

Our design and development offering
  • Concept Creative
  • Artwork Production
  • Structural Design
  • Workflow Management & Optimisation
Our specialty products and services offering
  • Retail and Aisle Activation Design
  • 3D “Picture of Success” Sales Tools
  • Design and Activation solutions for Cold Space Merchandising Assets
    • Ice Cold Merchandisers (Coolers, Vending and FCB Equipment)
    • Ice Cream Freezers
  • Gravity Feed Shelving Systems
  • Innovative Electroluminescence Lighting
Our printing and manufacturing offering.
  • Display and Product Prototyping
  • Print Management
  • Offshore Manufacturing
  • Local Manufacturing