There’s a better way to collaborate and work

With Podio you can organise and connect everything you work with. Manage your projects, communication, timelines, costs, you name it. Work is structured and transparent – so everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, while always keeping sight of the bigger picture.

The Podio platform is a collaborative tool that will help your team achieve more together.

It is a completely customisable platform developed to make your business more efficient and lower costs.


No complicated IT
processes, easy for your
team to learn, take control
of your tasks.


Model your entire projects
in Podio for transparency and
better decision-making


Tasks, Workflow and
Mobile Apps set-up to suit
your unique business

The next frontier for consumer engagement

Boost your mobile apps with the power of Beacons

Engage with your customers and offer exceptional service through context-aware, location-enabled mobile apps built using our software platform.

Target customers at the right moment

Deliver context-aware information based on your customer’s exact location inside an enclosed space. Deliver location-based offers directly to your customers’ proximity to the beacons using targeted campaigns and offers while they’re inside your store.

Create intelligent campaigns with data from 3rd party tools

Tie data from your CRM or any 3rd party tool to your campaigns. Use custom attributes and webhooks to create intelligent rules and actions that allow deep, sophisticated targeting of customers.

Create and deliver rich-media campaigns in minutes using our Content Management System

Create multimedia campaigns easily. Our proximity messaging system lets you create tailored campaigns with text, images, audio, video and even web pages in minutes.

Gather location-based user generated content

Gather user-generated content such as comments, reviews, feedback and surveys from your users and feed this data into tools you use such as your CRM and loyalty program management tool.

Gather website-like analytics for offline venues

Measure customer interactions in physical spaces.

Gather data about offline customer behavior such as visits, time per visit, most popular part of the venue and visualise data in the form of charts and heatmaps.

Data on-demand that ensures ROI

Access raw data via APIs and feed this data into your CRM/loyalty management tools to create data-driven campaigns.

This powerful capability to gathering insights like this, will help you to always plan strategies and content that’s relevant to your customers.

Our Beacon Products

The Worlds Most Powerful Beacon Hardware
  • Our Beacons are fully Android & iOS compatible
  • Manage Beacons Remotely
  • Extend battery life up to 4 years
  • Industry-Best Security Features
  • Anonymized user statistics
  • Add your logo for branding awareness
  • Choose your own colour

Bluetooth Beacon

  • Best in class performance
  • Easy integration with your application
  • Simple setup & management in the cloud
  • High capacity battery with 2 year lifespan*
  • 100% quality guarantee
    * with a default settings (350ms interval) and 24-hours daily usage

Cloud Beacon

  • Manage many beacons within 50 meters
  • Industry-leading security features
  • UUID, Major, and Minor value rotation
  • Schedule power-saving to extend battery life up to 4 years!
  • 100% quality guarantee

Tough Beacon

  • Tough for real world use in outdoor and exposed locations
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Waterproof up to 10 metres
  • Works from -20C (-4 F) to +60C (140F)
  • Anti-static
  • Same great BLE Beacon hardware